Creating stunning events and providing the design edge our customers seek is made possible by the elements that we provide…

  • EVENT DECOR EVENT DECOR When it comes to decor, our inventory is nothing short of amazing. Our facilities are a vertiable playground of creative elements that allow our staff to create a wide variety of environments for a broad spectrum of clients and venues.
  • CREATIVITY CREATIVITY During our decades in the industry, we have created events and exhibits that our competitors simply could not. With a large and diverse inventory, a flexible business model, and an experienced leadership team, there are more elements to what we do than what you see here.
  • INTELLIGENT LIGHTING INTELLIGENT LIGHTING The one element that can make the difference between an event being just a "room" versus being an "experience" is lighting. Our intelligent lighting systems, often used in combination with our LED furniture, definitely put any type of event into the category of "over the top."
  • LINENS LINENS Fabrics and linens are one of the mainstays of the event and exhibit world when it comes to creating atmosphere, and we have no shortage of options in-house. Draping, swagging, tablecloths, chair covers, napkins or even chair-ties can make a huge difference in the perception of the event!
  • FURNITURE FURNITURE Style is not just how you look, it's where you sit. Our collection of event furniture ranges from the traditional to the glowing edge of creativity. Our inventory is innovative and adaptable, and new styles are always on the way!
  • FLORAL FLORAL The infinite creativity of nature's most revered elements is always an essential attribute to any event or exhibit.
  • GLOW GLOW Lighting is more than a way to light a room. It is a way to impress your guests in ways they will never forget. Glow furniture can easily set the ambience and mood with just a touch of a button.


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