Design Elements for Event Inspiration: How The Event Source can help with today’s trends

A recent article in BizBash entitled “2014 Event Inspiration: 19 Trends for Trade Show Booths” had a great section on Design. The Event Source can help with all those Design elements.

1. “Light wood tones and straight line architecture” Our inventory includes a variety of wood products, with a variety of theme options.

Light oak with Graphics

Our light oak counter has a variety of options including panels for graphics, an optional back display counter and configurable sections to create a variety of shapes and lengths.

2. “Lounge spaces within the booth” We have huge variety of lounge options. Literally, our warehouses are over 40,000 square feet in size, and there are just so many options to choose from. Just need a few chairs? We’ve got them. Maybe a custom conversation pit? No problem.

3. “A comfortable, well-equipped space for meetings that provides an appropriate amount of privacy” Privacy at a trade show is possible? Yes, indeed it is. We’ve even created a private screening room in the middle of a huge media event:

Google 238

4. “Incorporating live entertainment in the exhibit” If it’s entertainment you want, The Event Source is your one stop shop.


5. “Wood finishes are making a comeback” As mentioned earlier, we’ve got the look that’s coming back in! Another example are our mahogany stands with bamboo inlays. You can display on them, use them as a kiosk or just use them to create an atmosphere!

Mahogany and Bamboo Bar_small

6. “Consider how each element in the design can serve a purpose” If there’s anything The Event Source is an expert at, it’s providing elements that provide a purpose. Creating an atmosphere, sending a message, establishing a brand or just making everything enjoyable is what we do best.

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